Having worked at major commercial law firms since 1984, Dr Johannes Grooterhorst had gained extensive professional experience as an attorney at law and partner and in 1994 he founded the law firm Grooterhorst Rechtsanwälte. In 1996, having worked for many years as a legal council for a leading commercial enterprise, Heinrich Salzmann decided to join the law firm, which by now had several attorneys working for it.

The firm's ensuing success of the firm led to the formation of the partnership. Ralf-Thomas Wittmann joined the partnership in 2003, followed by Marc Christian Schwencke in 2004,Tobias Törnig in 2006. They were followed by Dr. Detlef Brummer, who had previously been director of an asset management company.

Today, the law firm consists of 12 highly qualified, committed and internationally oriented lawyers; we are a provider of legal services for business people, companies and institutions and an attractive alternative to the major law firms.